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Being Green

Being Green

The Palace Theatre since the refurbishment of the building in 2005 has been working hard towards a smarter and greener theatre and has invested into making the building as energy efficient as possible. Some of the projects we have carried out are listed below:

  • Installation of 5 highly efficient boilers heating all of the water, under floor heating and radiator systems
  • Installation of a SMART building management system that monitors the outside temperature and regulates the building temperature accordingly, turning heating and ventilation off when not required
  • High efficiency insulation has been installed above the 1913 Auditorium
  • Automatic lighting in all toilet areas where lighting doesn’t need to be left on all of the time, only when the space is occupied.
  • LED lighting installed in the place of power hungry lamps around the foyers, bar and lift.
  • LED lighting installed on the main stage and room upstairs, replacing very power hungry lighting equipment that used to wash the stage with colour. These units give us far more flexibility and save literally 1000’s of watts of electricity per year.
  • Installation of Photovoltaic (Electricity) Solar panels onto the roof of the modern extension of the theatre now offsetting some of our daily base load electricity usage
  • Replacement of old roller shutters on the work shop and scene doc with wooden air tight doors reducing heat loss from these space and the main auditorium when scene changes are happening
  • Installation of water saving devices into toilet systems to reduce the amount of water used on each flush
  • Recycling is carried out where ever possible in the theatre, we re-use where ever we can with resources to minimise waste sent to land fill, selling on old equipment to new homes if it is not needed. We have dedicated cardboard/paper and glass recycling bins that are used from our offices and bar areas.

Our aim is to achieve a fully A rated Theatre and although we have already obtained a respectable B rating, we are working hard to achieve this ambitious goal. Please see below pictures of some of the projects.

The Palace Theatre is now taking being green one step further by removing our old stage lights and installing them with energy efficient LED lighting. It saves tens of thousands of Watts of electricity and thousands of pounds a year! It’s a work in progress that’s worth the time and effort; making the theatre that bit more green and to make our shows that bit more BRILLIANT!

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Palace Theatre Redditch Takes Venue Sustainability Prize At 2014 TTAs

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