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Who are we?

Arts in Redditch was established 3 years ago and has recently been registered as a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (CIO). The initial Trustees are Malcolm Hall (Chairman), Philip Roberts, Jo Smith and Huw Moseley, but as a membership organisation, there will be opportunities for active members to be elected as additional Trustees in the future.

Vicki Lancaster
Vicki was born to Janet and Paul Morris on the 23rd of June 1976 at Bromsgrove hospital , though she has lived in Redditch all of her life pretty much . Vicki attended Bridley Moor high school in her youth with art and design being a favourite
subject of hers , even winning an award for Britain in Bloom while attending Birchensale Middle School.

Vicki married Des Lancaster on the 5th of may 2012 and currently resides in Batchley with her husband , five children , 4 dogs and 2 cats , spending her days as a housewife. Aside from this , some of Vicki's hobbies include horse riding , reading , making and decorating cakes, paranormal investigation, spiritual development and painting .

Her paintings were inspired by her love of horses and her flower paintings mainly because white lilies are her favourite flowers. Vicki's love of horses came about while working and caring for horses at a local stables in the Stockwood area of Redditch, which also led to teaching beginners and buying and selling in her spare time .
The colours implemented with her horse paintings were inspired by her spiritual development and are all colours associated with the chakras and auras which she is currently learning about at her local development class .
Vicki came along to the last art exhibition and it really inspired her to start her art work up again .

Charlotte Moore
“Arty by nature I think I was born with a pencil in my hand”.
As a child Charlotte would lie in bed looking at the polystyrene ceiling tiles and mentally draw animals from
their crazy patterns. Cars, elephants, toys and clowns appeared and disappeared before her eyes. It appears
that she had a natural talent from an early age which was encouraged by her parents and she spent many a
happy hour drawing whatever was around her.

As an adult Charlotte matured into a Graphic Designer and has worked for herself since the age of16,
designing and working in the screen printing industry and then expanding into embroidery; design elements
in everything.

In the last few years she has found the time to rediscover the pleasure of sketching with her favourite artist
pencils and fibre brush-pens which she says takes her off into another world of woodland animals. She also
enjoys head shots; there’s something about the lines in a person’s face that tell a story to her.
She has just illustrated the fourth children’s book for Susan Navas in the Agnil’s World Series which has just
been released. And is currently working on bringing Higgy the Hedgehog to the printed page combining him
with her own prose as he makes his journey.



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