Wonderwoman-The Naked Truth

Wonderwoman-The Naked Truth

One big project. Two ambitious women.

By Kristina Gavran and Tina Hofman

One big project. Two ambitious women. Mothers to several small kids. No bed-time routine. But the show must go on.

Meeting a parent you envy. Meeting a parent you want to slap in the face. Vowing never to have kids (or at least not to have any more). Feeling understanding and tolerant. Being extremely protective over the rare moments of silence. Experiencing tantrums in the most unsuitable places. Whether having kids or not we invite you to join us in probing the 21st Century parenthood.

Witness the two worlds ultimately colliding.

How do we discuss sex in front of the sandpit, write a book whilst the restless toddler dismantles the house, or arrange a hot date whilst playing Lego? To work or not to work?, that is the question. Our ambition did not disappear when we had kids. It is ever-present, and often in conflict: they both fight for our attention. Can we sooth our babies and our ambition?

Because, whether a parent or not, we all have an opinion…

Tina Hofman and Kristina Gavran are both Croatian artists with long-term Birmingham addresses. They co-founded notnow Collective hoping to look into family, parenthood and work-home subjects in a challenging, highly visual and immersive way.

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£8.00* (disc)

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Age: Suitable for 16+

Running Time
55 mins approx. no  interval

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