A Look At Life With Malcolm Stent

A Look At Life With Malcolm Stent

Come and enjoy an evening of Brummie humour and music with one of the Midland’s favourite performers!

Growing up in the days before health and safety was invented, in a tight-knit working-class community in Saltley, Birmingham – you learnt a lot about life!

Comedian and entertainer Malcolm Stent’s one-man show is a heart-warming and humorous sideways glance, based around his memories of the families, the streets, the community and the humour.

Told through anecdotes and song, he’ll transport you back to those golden days when the sun seemed to shine through the whole school holidays; when pop bottles had wire stoppers and when ‘going all the way’ meant stopping on the bus right up to the terminus!

Those days may be long-gone, but the memories and the humour remain intact. Come and join Malcolm for a hilarious, intimate and moving evening of music and memories.

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