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Redditch Has Talent 2018

Redditch Has Talent 2018
posted 08 Nov 2017

For an application, please click here or you can pick up hard copies at the theatre. 

We are looking for 12-16 acts, featuring talented people aged 10 - 100 years to appear in the finals at the palace theatre on Thursday 28th June 2018. There will be no restriction on the talent - singing; musical instrument(s); band; magicians; ventriloquists; jugglers; dancers; acrobats; Stand-up comics; mime - if you have a talent, we want to see it!

Each act will have a maximum of 5 mins to perform. The initial selection for the finalists will not require specialist equipment - we just need to see the ‘raw’ talent for the final. The theatre will provide all the necessary technical support and advice so that every finalist is given the opportunity to perform at their best in a professional environment. We recognise there are a lot more than 12-16 talented acts and performers out there, but

There has to be a limit and as this is an annual event, if you don’t make this final there will be others to come!

Chosen finalists will be placed into age group categories and a winning act from each age group will be announced on the evening of the finals, but every act featured in the show will receive recognition for their appearance. Age group winners will receive a trophy and other delights!

 Application forms for the auditions are available from the theatre box office or you can go online to the palace theatre website and click on the ‘Redditch has talent’ 2018 link to access downloadable application forms. All applications for an audition must be at the theatre by no later than Friday 2nd march 2018.

The auditions at the theatre will take place in the studio on:

Thurs 8th March 6.30pm- 8pm; Sat 10th March 12.30 - 3pm;

Thurs 15th March 6.30pm-8pm; Sat 24th March 12.30 -3pm

Please note that all participants under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult to auditions.

 Under certain circumstances, auditions can be held at schools if there are two or more applicants. Please contact Dave directly to arrange this.

Please indicate on your application form your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of dates. You will be notified of the date/time of your audition.

Those acts selected for appearance at the palace theatre in the finals will be notified by Friday 6th April 2018. This will give ample time to prepare for the finals at the theatre on Thursday 28th June 2018. There will also be a technical rehearsal held at the theatre on Wednesday 27th June between 4pm and 8pm.

Following selection for the final, each act will be given the opportunity to discuss what technical support they need from the theatre. There will also be a photo shoot of all finalists on Saturday 14th April 12noon - 1pm for publicity purposes, as explained in the permission form which you are also asked to complete & return with your application form.

So, if you have a talent and would like the opportunity to audition for the finals, please complete all application forms and return them to the theatre as soon as possible. We know there is a wealth of talent out there. But, most importantly, please remember that this is about enjoying yourselves and sharing your talent with others.

Tim Mackrill                                                    Dave Wilkins MBE

Manager, Palace Theatre                              Producer, ‘Redditch Has Talent‘