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Cinderella Dance Auditions

Cinderella Dance Auditions
posted 11 Jul 2019



PERFORMANCE STARTING DATE: Monday 9th December 2019 ​

PERFORMANCE CLOSING DATE: Sunday 5th January 2020 ​

● Junior dancers aged 11 years old on the date of the audition and no younger
than 9 years on the first day of rehearsals.
● (Must not have reached their 12th Birthday by 1st Sept 2019 and have reached
their 9th Birthday before the 28th Nov 2019)
● Birthdates within 1st Sept 2007 and 28th Nov 2010
● Maximum height 4'11​"
● Must be a minimum of Grade 1 standard in ISTD (or equivalent) modern, ballet
and tap
● Must be available without exception for the entirety of the rehearsal and show
period. May also be required to rehearse two weekends prior to full rehearsal
start date
● Both school and home must be within 30 minutes travelling distance of the
● Every child must have a female relative over the age of 21 years who is willing to
obtain a chaperone's licence and chaperone the shows on a rota basis. Please
note that if siblings are in the show there will be a heavier commitment to this.

Auditions will be held at ​The Palace Theatre​ on ​Sunday 1st September 2019.
Registration starts at 12:00pm and the audition starts at 1.00pm.

Children must be accompanied by their own parent. If accompanied by another adult
the child must have a pre-signed consent form with them obtainable from the Children's
Co-ordinator ​Jane Griffiths - you can also pre-register ​for the audition day by
emailing Jane at ​griffiths119@aol.com

Children who are recalled may be at the theatre for 2-3 hours so please ensure that
they have drinks with them as well as all relevant shoes and dance wear. All successful
applicants are subject to local education authority performance licensing
Any further information required can be obtained by emailing Jane on the above email
address or via the PHA office – ​enquiries@paulholmanassociates.co.uk